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90's nickelodeon, abandoned buildings, alvin schwartz, amanda palmer, androgyny, annie clark, anton newcombe, beck, beer, bette porter, better than chocolate, bitch and animal, boards of canada, bonfires, brian kinney, bsc snark, bunnygrunt, burial, carrie brownstein, cats, cocorosie, crystal castles, dancing, daria, david lynch, diane cluck, dig!, donnie darko, dr. bronner's magic soap, drag, evolving, frank black, freak folk, friend crushes, garden state, ghost world, ghosts, gilmore girls, halloween, harold and maude, hiking, hotels, jolie laide, judy blume, julie morstad, kaia wilson, kdhx, kendrick lamar, kevin spacey, kill rockstars, kim deal, kind bars, kombucha, lady gaga, lcd soundsystem, le tigre, lemp brewery, lena dunham, lester bangs, lipstick, lorde, lost in translation, mac demarco, margo roth speigelman, miley cyrus, mix tapes, music theory, my bloody valentine, mydeathspace, neon, netflix, notebooks, obsession, outkast, pam beesly, paper towns, peaches, pens, pensacola beach, perks, piano, polica, polyamory, portishead, pridefest, pro-choice, productive vampires, psychology, purity ring, qaf, queer, r stevie moore, radiohead, ramona quimby, regina spektor, righteous babe records, roland, roxy music, rushmore, scary stories, schlafly, secret messages, six feet under, songwriting, sonic youth, south grand, soy lattes, st. louis, suicide girls, summer, synth, texting, the antlers, the l word, the office, the organ, the slits, the softies, the virgin suicides, this american life, thora birch, tricky, v8 juice, waves, wednesday addams, whiskey